Tawam Hospital

The mission of Tawam Hospital is to provide quality healthcare that meets the needs and expectations of the UAE population and surrounding GCC countries. We believe in treating all patients, visitors, and employees with respect, dignity and equality, while providing high-quality, affordable medical services in a friendly, safe, and caring environment.


Tawam Hospital was built in 1979 as a 227-bed referral and acute care general hospital to serve the entire UAE. Since then, growth has been uninterrupted and the hospital now has 445 beds available for use. It has been managed since early 2006 by Johns Hopkins Medicine International and provides comprehensive tertiary care for patients in Abu Dhabi’s Eastern Region.

In addition to the main hospital close to Al Ain’s city center, Tawam manages four satellite facilities: Tawam Dental Center, Neima Primary Healthcare Clinic, Al Jahli Primary Healthcare Clinic, and Al Wagan Hospital, which is located 65 km south of Al Ain. Al Wagan Hospital is a primary care and critical access hospital with two five-bed wards, ambulatory treatment clinics, general dentistry facilities, and a critical access emergency department.

Tawam anchors advanced patient care, highly complex surgical and interventional cardiac procedures, and trauma-level emergency services. A professional staff of 3,398 includes more than 560 physicians, 1,191 nurses, and 628 paramedics, supported by about 1,022 administrative personnel. They work in seven operating theaters, six general and one C-section suites, and 18 wards with additional ambulatory treatment clinics and an emergency department.

More than 15 percent of all staff are UAE nationals. As well as being a tertiary teaching hospital, Tawam has inpatient, VIP, and royal care facilities; a polyclinic housing specialty referral centers, medical library, and education and training resources; a radiotherapy building with a palliative care inpatient ward, new ambulatory chemotherapy and oncology clinics, and two linear accelerators; and a breast cancer center providing comprehensive breast cancer services including mobile imaging.

In total, Tawam Hospital conducts more than 7,500 surgical procedures every year, ranging from general surgical to highly specialized orthopedic, neurology, gynecology, trauma, and head and neck surgery. Births number close to 4,600 annually and more than 28,880 dialysis treatments are carried out.

Achievements in 2010

  • Tawam Hospital won the Excellence in Imaging and Diagnostics Award and received four other commendation awards at Arab Health Awards 2010 in January in Dubai.
  • Urology Services became the first in the region to conduct single port gastric bypass surgery for morbid obesity.
  • Research projects under way total 33 and Phase 1 has been completed for a clinical trial of the life-saving treatment hypophosphatasia (through Enobia Pharma, Canada).
  • Tawam achieved the highest score in the Joint Service Reviews – 92.5 percent – and the highest Q4 KPIs with 89 percent.
  • Enhancement of Oncology Services included completion of the tomotherapy site preparation and completion of the Chemotherapy Clean Pharmacy project.
  • Development of new clinical programs included Interventional Radiology, Thoracic Surgery (first in UAE) and Pediatric Surgery.
  • Ob-Gyn Department received the Sheikh Hamdan Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Award for Outstanding Medical Department in the UAE public sector. During the World Quality Day Competition held by the Dubai Quality Group in November, Tawam won two gold and bronze awards.
  • Compliance to International Patient Safety Goals – IPSG 1, 2, 3, and 4 – were at the 100 percent mark. IPSG 5 was 96 percent and IPSG 6 98 percent.
  • Expansion of Dialysis Services has resulted in the addition of 23 chairs to a total of 52.
  • Tawam was designated as a Board of Pharmaceutical Specialties (BPS) examination and certification site for the UAE and Middle East.
  • Emiratization was targeted at 15.8 percent but achieved 17 percent as at year-end.

2010 actual end-of-year totals

Average daily census (occupied beds) 326
Occupancy % 73.1%
Inpatient beds in use 119,025
Admissions 22,706
Discharges 22,693
ALOS (occupied bed days per discharge) 5.2
IP Surgery cases as % of admits 26.9%

Other utilization indicators
Birth 4,606
Surgery cases IP 6,094
Surgery cases OP 1,485
Surgery cases (IP and OP) 7,579

Staff (FTEs)
Total 3,398
Doctors 557
Nursing 1,191
Paramed 628
Administration/support 1,022

Primary healthcare visits 312,632
Hospital clinic visits 367,153
Emergency room visits 120,312