Corniche Hospital

The mission of Corniche Hospital is to deliver exceptional healthcare in a family-centered and compassionate manner to the women and newborn of Abu Dhabi, maintaining an unwavering commitment to being in the vanguard of healthcare through expert leadership, evidence-based practice, outstanding service, clinical education, and innovation.


SEHA took over Corniche Hospital in 2008, installing a new management team. Since then, all operational systems have been updated or replaced. The transition, as with all organizational change, was not without its attendant challenges, but the end result has more than justified the process. Corniche is now a model of modern healthcare management, building on 25 years of proven excellence.

Located in downtown Abu Dhabi, Corniche is the UAE’s leading referral hospital for obstetric and neo-natal care. With specialty clinics dealing with lactation, fetal medicine, obstetric medicine, and VIP patient education, the hospital can handle up to 256 patients at a time and has facilities for 50 intensive care cases.

Corniche is managed by Johns Hopkins Medicine International. It has a professional staff of about 1,200 who manage an average of 1,300 admissions every month, as well as roughly 2,000 emergency cases and as many as 11,000 outpatient visits. Six wards, six VIP rooms, and three royal suites are complemented by three surgical theaters, 14 delivery rooms, an urgent care department and an outpatients unit.

Achievements in 2010

  • Corniche Hospital won the Excellence in Patient Centered Care Award at Arab Health Awards 2010 in January in Dubai.
  • Opened the Women’s Health Center, Corniche’s first community-based outpatient clinic.
  • Awarded Advanced Training Skills Module (ATSM) status from the Royal College of Obstetrics and Gynaecology; selection of the first ATSM candidate to begin training.
  • Service Excellence training has been completed for 80 percent of all employees and 98 percent of hospital personnel over 60 sessions. The second phase of the plan began in November.
  • In improving the hospital’s physical plant and focusing on patient safety, appearance, and patient flow, the HVAC installation in Operating Theaters 1 and 2 was upgraded to achieve 30 air changes per hour from the previous 15 and 15.5 hourly changes.
  • To actively manage financial performance and ensure effective revenue cycle management, the vacant position of Revenue Cycle Director was filled.
  • A graduate nurse training (GNT) program to support Emirati BA nurses was established in collaboration with other SEHA facilities. Corniche is supporting two Emirati GNT nurses (graduates from HCT) on the first new midwifery GNT six-month program, in preparation for enrolling on the Midwifery HCT program in February, 2011.

2010 actual end-of-year totals

Average daily census (occupied beds) 162
Occupancy % 66.7%
Inpatient beds in use 59,149
Admissions 15,798
Discharges 15,833
ALOS (occupied bed days per discharge) 3.7
IP Surgery cases as % of admits 22.5%

Other utilization indicators
Birth 8,252
Surgery cases IP 3,567
Surgery cases OP -
Surgery cases (IP and OP) 3,567

Staff (FTEs)
Total 1,255
Doctors 125
Nursing 455
Paramed 91
Administration/support 584

Primary healthcare visits 6,584
Hospital clinic visits 92,996
Emergency room visits 23,535