Al Rahba Hospital

The mission of Al Rahba Hospital is to improve the health of the community by exceeding the expectations of its customers and providing internationally recognized standards of care, driven by its vision to become the hospital of first choice for the whole family in the communities it serves.


Al Rahba Hospital is located on the northeast side of Abu Dhabi city on the main Dubai highway. It is an advanced secondary care hospital offering medical and surgical services, and is committed to continued development and investment in building a center of excellence.

Because of Al Rahba’s location just off the busy commuter route between Dubai and Abu Dhabi, it is the primary emergency room for road traffic accidents. It is not unusual for the hospital to receive multiple trauma cases after a major accident, the greatest number at any one time being more than 200 who were treated over a three-hour period following a chain reaction pile-up in 2008.

The hospital was opened in 2003 and, since July 2008, has been managed by Johns Hopkins Medicine International, one of the world’s most respected healthcare institutions. As well as serving community needs through curative expertise, the hospital operates a growing number of preventative programs to reduce chronic diseases such as diabetes and hypertension.

Al Rahba’s facilities include accident and emergency services, obstetrics and gynecology, maternity, dialysis, and neonatal intensive care. The hospital has 114 beds in seven wards and a professional staff of more than 700. On average, it deals with 12,000 emergency and outpatient visits every month, 600 inpatient admissions, and 150 operations, mainly gynecology, orthopedics, and general surgery.

Achievements in 2010

  • New clinical and screening programs have been developed for mammography and bone density, diabetes, and cardiology.
  • Launched the ‘Doc Health’ program to individualize patient care. Provided patients with ‘Health Passports’ as a tool to manage their health.
  • The Emiratization target of 17 percent has been exceeded and 11 UAE nationals recruited for positions throughout the hospital.
  • Upgraded medical technology for women’s imaging service. The equipment comprises digital mammography, 64-slice CT scan, and bone densitometry.
  • Expansion of the Dialysis Program has doubled capacity from eight to 17 stations and increased visits by 35 percent to meet the critical demand.
  • The hospital hosted the National Trauma Conference, showcasing national and international speakers and knowledge transfer in trauma medicine with 1,000 people in attendance.

2010 actual end-of-year totals

Average daily census (occupied beds) 102
Occupancy % 90.1%
Inpatient beds in use 37,166
Admissions 7,411
Discharges 7,303
ALOS (occupied bed days per discharge) 5.1
IP Surgery cases as % of admits 19.8%

Other utilization indicators
Birth 1,767
Surgery cases IP 1,446
Surgery cases OP 386
Surgery cases (IP and OP) 1,832

Staff (FTEs)
Total 734
Doctors 113
Nursing 300
Paramed 107
Administration/support 214

Primary healthcare visits 6,584
Hospital clinic visits 92,996
Emergency room visits 23,535