Abu Dhabi Blood Bank


Abu Dhabi Blood Bank (ADBB), the major donor center and blood bank in Abu Dhabi, is part of the Transfusion Medicine Services Division of the Department of Laboratory Medicine at Sheikh Khalifa Medical City (SKMC).

It caters to the needs of public and private hospitals across Abu Dhabi and also supports other emirates.

Blood transfusion is almost always essential in heart surgery and organ transplants, the treatment of leukemia, cancer, and other diseases such as sickle cell anemia and thalassemia, and in the care of accident and burn victims.

The unit’s mobile service reaches out to the community by visiting business premises, universities, and public venues to promote the donation of blood.

On average, ADBB collects more than 20,000 units of blood every year and more than 600 units of apheresis platelets. UAE nationals represent 15.1 percent of donors, many of whom have been giving blood regularly for the past 20 years.

ADBB organizes an average of seven blood donation drives weekly with different organizations. Compliance with international standards is ensured in that all donors are carefully screened to meet strict criteria and that all donated blood undergoes six major tests for infectious diseases.

Medical staff also test donors for hemoglobin, blood pressure, and blood type. Collection takes about 10-20 minutes per donor and the entire process from registering to leaving lasts only 45-60 minutes. Volunteers provide nearly all the nation’s blood supply for transfusion: there is no substitute for human blood and eligible blood donors can safely donate three or four times a year.

Just one unit of blood can help in the treatment of three patients: the red cells for one with anemia, the platelets for one with bleeding, and the plasma for different pathologies that need coagulation factors.

Voluntary donors are the foundation of safe blood supply because they are associated with lower levels of infection. Plans are in place to convert to 100 percent voluntary donations.

Achievements in 2010

  • Supplied more than 15,000 units of blood (totaling more than 25,000 blood products) to help save the lives of patients.
  • Organized more than 250 blood donation drives with different corporate organizations in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, in addition to donors coming to the Blood Bank premises to make a donation.
  • Encouraged UAE nationals to participate in blood drives – nationals now represent 15.1 percent of all donors and comprise the largest number of donors amongst the many different nationalities that give blood each year.

Blood Bank Donors


Year 2010 2009 2008 2007 2006
Donors 25,850 24,758 21,834 19,461 16,737
  National 4,240 4,116 3,832 3,311 2,664
  Expatriate 21,610 20,642 18,002 16,150 14,073
Units donated 25,850 24,758 22,379 19,849 17,129
  O + 9,441 8,960 8,314 7,242 6,396
  A + 6,620 1,430 5,840 5,263 4,548
  B + 5,423 6,421 4,294 4,040 3,396
  AB + 1,727 705 1,302 1,074 857
  O - 1,274 5,130 1,346 1,101 953
  A - 711 483 667 587 501
  B - 521 1,493 501 426 381
  AB - 133 136 115 116 97

Source: Abu Dhabi Blood Bank, Health Statistics Analysis