These targets are established separately for doctors, nurses, and other clinical and administrative staff, and are designed to raise the percentage of UAE nationals in the SEHA workforce. Monthly trending and progress reports have been introduced to monitor progress toward the goals.

Total Emiratization increased from 14.2 percent in 2009 to 15.3 percent at the end of 2010.

Corporate Human Resources has successfully implemented the new Emiratization plan at HQ with three new programs – Edad, Tamayoz, and Naqla. KPIs have been set for the next five years for enhancing Emiratization at administrative, clinical, and senior positions.

A target has been established to increase nationals in the corporate office workforce from 40.7 to 50 percent.

Effective communication has been initiated with concerned bodies that affect Emiratization strategy such as Abu Dhabi Tawteen Council and Abu Dhabi Education Council.

UAE national students graduating from Higher Colleges of Technology (HCT) under different health majors such as nursing, laboratory, pharmacy, and imaging were hired in BEs and a new midwifery program was launched with HCT at Corniche.

At hospital level, Tawam exceeded its 15.8 percent Emiratization target for the year, achieving 17 percent, and at Al Ain the National Leadership Development program is preparing 28 Emiratis for executive positions.

Mafraq Hospital recruited five Emirati graduate nurse trainees (GNTs) and developed a National Career Pathway to ensure that the needs of GNTs are met professionally, effectively, and promptly.

Corniche Hospital has also established a GNT program to support Emirati BA nurses in collaboration with other SEHA facilities. Corniche is currently supporting two GNT nurses (graduates from HCT) on the first new midwifery GNT six-month program, in preparation for enrolling on the Midwifery HCT program in February, 2011.