Five-Year Strategic Plan

Since inception four years ago, SEHA’s mission has focused on achievement of excellence, fostering a business culture that has customer service at its core and is geared in its entirety to the provision of world-class healthcare services.

SEHA has always underpinned its mission by identifying strategic objectives – key principles and priority areas that set out the Company’s operating rationale and by which it benchmarks its performance.

These priority areas are refined as the organization progresses towards its goals, and are detailed in the annual reports to the Abu Dhabi Executive Council along with landmark achievements in their fulfillment.

During the second half of 2010, SEHA adopted and committed to eight strategic priorities:

1 Manage financial performance to achieve efficiency and competitiveness.
2 Manage patients’ and stakeholders’ expectations effectively.
3 Provide integrated high-quality and patient-centered services.
4 Deliver superior operational execution.
5 Establish SEHA among the UAE employers of choice.
6 Develop national leadership and support Emiratization.
7 Develop infrastructure to achieve world-class standards.
8 Promote research and education.

This framework enables SEHA to align more closely with themes, goals, and strategic priorities embraced by the Government of Abu Dhabi, the Abu Dhabi Executive Council, and Health Authority-Abu Dhabi.

Within the specific priority areas, SEHA corporate departments and BEs define their own priorities and objectives, which are regularly monitored to assess progress and achievements.

This report details the performance of the respective operations over the period and the benefits that are flowing from implementation of the refined business model.