Customer Service Charter

The purpose of the customer service charter is to clarify the responsibility that fall on the customer service personnel and the customer him/herself, in order to provide and promote an excellent customer service. In addition, Government Entities shall use the Charter and place it where the customers are available.

The Values of the Customer Service Personnel 

We are committed to achieve excellence through the continuous improvement in the process of service delivery. In order to achieve that, we are guided by our fundamental values and standards for service excellence in order to meet the changing needs of our customers, which are represented as follows:
1.Focus on the customer
I make every effort to treat the customer as s/he desires with dignity, respect and fairness, in addition to striving for developing and strengthening the relationships by providing a unique service to the customer. 
2.Credibility and Enabling 
I fully understand my role at the entity that I represent, and I am happy with serving the customers. Also, I seek continuous development for my abilities in order to respond to the customers’ requirements, I assure complete clarity and transparency in my dealings, and I maintain the accuracy of the information provided.
3.Cooperation and Teamwork
I constantly strive for exploring the available opportunities to support my colleagues, I assist them in adopting and creating a work environment that motivates the team performance for the purpose of meeting the whole requirements of the customer within the defined timeline.​
4.Continuous Improvement
I work diligently to encourage, support and explore the necessary opportunities required to enhance the customer’s experience.

What is expected from us

-We will treat you with respect and gentleness, and we will deal with any issues related to the services with privacy, through the customer service team. 
-We will provide our services through a cooperative team that maintains the confidentiality of information, possesses the knowledge, understands your needs and has the ability to answer your inquiries.
-We will answer all your inquiries, and deal with them in a timely manner. We will provide you the requirements of each service and the dates of completion. We will facilitate the process of contacting us, we will respond to your feedback on the services provided on a timely manner and with no delays.
-We will focus on providing you with excellent services, in an efficient, organized and transparent manner. We will work on achieving your expectations of the services provided.
-We will work on providing the services within the timings and channels which are suitable for you as much as possible. We will minimize the number of  procedures in order to provide you a smooth and quick service.
-We will work on providing and excellent and high quality service, in order to enhance the quality of individuals’ lives.

What we are expecting from you

-Appreciate the efforts of our personnel, and deal with them with mutual respect and recognition
-Provide all required documents, so that we can provide you our services in a timely manner
-Inform us immediately of any mistakes made by us or by you in the course of providing the service
-Inform us of any changes in the personal information related to the services
-Welcome answering the inquiries of the customer service personnel, as this allows them to provide you an excellent customer service


Abu Dhabi Government strives for promoting the customer experience constantly, through the establishment and implementation of an interactive and  proactive methodology in delivering and managing the services, by continuously observing the provided services in order to ensure their compliance with the defined standards in this guide, and to meet the expectations with the best possible methods.

Responses and Contact Details

In consideration of the importance of your opinions and responses, we are pleased to receive all of your suggestions which are related to the competency and promotion of the services to enhance the level of the services in Abu Dhabi Government by contacting Abu Dhabi Health Services Company (SEHA) Call Centre (80050).