​​​​Transperancy Charter

"SEHA" is committed to: embrace the principles of transparency in providing information and enhance sharing information through different channels, "SEHA" believes in transparency as  a factor to be practices in health information that will help decision making and illustrating the performance of the healthcare sector towards delivering best healthcare services and promoting the quality of the provided health care services and patient satisfaction.

SEHA" will adopt and improve practices in the following domains:



1. Adherence to  the Emirate of Abu Dhabi Governance Regulations:

  • Provide the adequate information in a timely manner through the proper channels.
  • Ensure the availability of information to all customers, and avoid withhold of information to some customers while it's released to others.
  • Provide data of the public health indicators and the performance of the hospitals & health care centres managed by SEHA.
  • Provide data and valid financial reports in accordance with the legal requirements to the concerned entities.
  • Meet Government requirements and provide statistical data to the concerned entities.
  • Identify and focus on the strength points to raise the level.

Indicate the areas of wastage and improve the operational process.

2. Support decisions and provide options:

  • Provide useful and specialized data.
  • Ensure values of cooperation, collaboration of efforts and clarity of results in order to take administrative decisions.

Provide the available options and the required data for decision making.

  • Support decision making to increase enabled services provided to patients, and provided health care services, attract international patients or services especially that most of SEHA hospitals are accredited.

Focus on practices of Excellence and specialities and provide the right to have options of preferred health care provider.

3. Promote quality standards, and productivity rate of employees and hospitals:

  • Provide benchmarked data to the various hospitals' services.
  • Create specialized programs to improve/ increase the hospitals' performance.
  • Provide performance data to the different professions.
  • Develop the different operational practices.
  • Enhance the healthcare standards and performance indicators of services to be linked to the company's strategy and data outcomes.
  • Improve the quality of the provided clinical data


  • Compare the actual results against SEHA strategic directions, and observe the outcomes.
  • Support competitiveness, reduce cost, and focus on the performance in general.
  • Promote the performance of the employee and the hospital in general.

Innovate and practice different operations more effectively through utilizing financial resources or procedures, plus demonstrating the analysis of the financial and operational wastage areas. 


4.    Accountability & Responsibility

• Set out procedures that will create shared responsibility for individuals towards their duties.
• Establish benchmarks for different rates, questionnaire methods, and performance indicators.
• Enhance self-accountability and credibility.
• Achieve the strategic objectives instead of being accomplishing the plan.
• Support the social and administrative sense of accountability.
• Enhance trust between customers and promote loyalty.

 5. Sustainability and Economic Growth

• Make information available to all, and pave the way to investments and international researches channels.
• Take decision based on productivity data.
Analyse the current situation and the future requirements.

Encourage and sustain success through :
• Provide opportunities for various aspects of international investments in the healthcare sector.
• Develop typical international researches and execute them locally.
• Take into consideration that our healthcare sector in SEHA is the comparative standard in terms of the services,  used tools or equipment, and clinical practices, to ensure the quality of results.

6. Community Participation


(In case of interactive channels between the patients and the provided services are available).

  • Establish electronic programs or communication channels.
  • Make Information available to all customers in order to achieve the equality concept.

Encourage cooperation externally with the different sectors or internally among the Departments and Divisions.

  • Allow interaction between the patients and the hospitals in their treatment process.
  • Community participation in their treatment to strengthen the relations, and boost the credibility and trust in the provided services.

Comply with our wise Government directions to seek support of the expertise and the experiences through encouraging cooperation with the other sectors.


Complied by:

SEHA Chief Executive Officer     

Chief Support Services Officer  

Chief Operation Officer                               

Chief Financial Officer   

Chief Information Officer

Chief Academic Affairs Officers

Chief Medical Officer​

Chief Total Quality Officer