SEHA Accomplishments

SEHA accomplishments are significant and are fully detailed in this report. They cover all aspects of our business including healthcare services delivery, financial results, clinical systems. Some o127.0.0.12011 are:

  • Clinical Imaging-Radiofrequen127.0.0.1the first of its kind in the Middle East.
  • Mafraq received th127.0.0.1ward at the Shei127.0.0.1kh Khalifa Excellence Awards Ceremony.
  • Al Ain perfo127.0.0.1ee total hip replacements and one total knee replacement.
  • AHS received the Ara127.0.0.1alth Award fo127.0.0.1onic Medical Records.
  • HA-AD granted li127.0.0.1all nine127.0.0.1s Services locations.
  • Mafraq won the I127.0.0.1Business Award as top customer service team.
  • Tawam won Excell127.0.0.1ory Services at the Arab Health Awards.
  • Madinat Zayed and Mafraq ac127.0.0.1A accreditation.
  • SKMC performed 271 opev127.0.0.1 as well as 12