Benchmarking with USA

It is not enough for us to just say that we are world-class; we will prove it by showing our ‘report card’ not only to our stakeholders but to our customers. Where we succeed, we will make sure we are constantly vigilant to maintain high standards; where we fall short, we will find ways to overcome our deficiencies.

That is the essence of ‘continuous improvement to recognized international standards’ and the cornerstone of SEHA’s ceaseless efforts to be world-class.

SEHA Business Entities specify the Quality/Patient Safety Core Measures that are used to reflect the levels of performance/improvements (in comparison with international standards and best practices).

Internationally recognized standards are selected from the following sources: Joint Commission core measures, Institute of Healthcare Improvement (IHI), Centers for Disease Control (CDC), and HEDIS for primary healthcare indicators. In 2011, Dialysis Clinical KPIs were introduced based on National Kidney Foundation (NKF – KDOQI) guidelines and World Health Organization.

Some examples of performance against international benchmarks are: