Chief Executive Officer's Report

It is gratifying to look back at the successes of Abu Dhabi Health Services Company (SEHA) in the course of 2011 and marvel at the extent of our achievement in a relatively short period.

And yet I am in awe of the challenges that lie ahead. This is why healthcare is so rewarding as a career: it is as relentless as the sea in its challenges and opportunities.

Each time we reach a new high point, it provides a glimpse over the horizon to a bright future and a view into tough and challenging work that must be accomplished. I welcome these challenges, and I am thrilled to be working in an organization dedicated to achieving our vision of world-class healthcare.

As we completed 2011 – the first year of our new Five Year Strategic Plan and our fourth full year of operations – we closed a period of significant activity. I am pleased to report an increase in net patient revenue compared to 2010, along with favorable growth in both admissions and visits, improved revenue per patient visit, reduced claims denials, and better collection patterns.

Significantly, SEHA continues to show a favorable revenue growth trend per adjusted patient day (APD); however, operating cost per APD increased from the prior year due to increases in salaries, wages and benefits, and supplies expense.

Part of this arises from compensation adjustments necessary to retain our medical staff. We also completed the Hewitt Project that realigned SEHA HR practices and salary scales across the board. Every employee who works for us now has a defined job and defined grade. It is a major achievement that will pay dividends in the future.

While I am pleased with all of these positive financial indicators, I am anxious for us to accelerate and concentrate on our mission of continuous improvement to recognized international standards, especially in relation to quality patient care and process improvement.

We will begin to ramp up the focus of our efforts towards identifiable standards of excellence in what defines a world-class healthcare organization, benchmarked against the best in the world. The standards and protocols are available and we now have systems, databases, and collection mechanisms in place to establish comparisons of how we deliver quality healthcare and how the best in the world do the same procedures. We can determine if we are helping patients recover from procedures as rapidly as the top medical centers across the globe.

We are achieving world-class benchmarks in many areas, but we have much more to do to achieve greatness. Our main goal is quality patient outcomes, and we cannot just point to good financial performance and happy patient satisfaction scores if we know that we still have work to do in outcomes management to make people better faster and more effectively.

Customer service remains a challenge and we must move more aggressively to meet our patients’ expectations. As our patient population becomes more knowledgeable and sophisticated, they demand higher standards.

It is the same in any business. The business-class airline seat today is the first-class seat of that same airline 15 years ago. The bar is always being raised and we have to be open to the challenge of meeting the ever-increasing expectations of our customer.

I know that we are up to all of our challenges, however difficult or formidable. That is the way healthcare people are. We love to serve, and like nothing better than to rush to the aid of an injured or ill patient with potentially non-survivable issues and get them healthy again, out the door and on their way. It doesn’t get any better than that.

I again thank our Chairman, HE Saif Al Qubaisi, for his inspired leadership, along with that of all our Emirati leaders who have so much vested in the future of SEHA and healthcare delivery in the UAE. They know the challenges of the culture and the promise of the future better than I do, and I welcome each day that I can learn from them on our goals for the future of Abu Dhabi and its residents.

I also thank our fellow caregivers, more than 17,000 of whom are working across all areas of SEHA, for their continuing efforts to help us achieve our goals for our customers and communities served.

Carl V. Stanifer
Chief Executive Officer