Chairman's Report

Not only did we receive significant local recognition in the form of the Sheikh Khalifa Award for Excellence (Silver Level), but SEHA’s Mafraq Hospital was granted Diamond Status in healthcare, the first such institution to be so recognized in that category.

Internationally, SEHA was recognized by the Arab Hospital Federation with the Excellence Award for Development of the Arab Healthcare Sector and, most recently, in Brussels with the European Award for Best Practices 2011 (Gold Category) for achievement in customer satisfaction and outstanding results in quality management. The recognition attests to SEHA’s commitment to improve its quality management system by implementing the European Society for Quality Research quality performance model.

Such recognition by those outside of SEHA is welcome. Yet we desire to achieve even greater heights as we move towards our goal of world-class healthcare for our customers and communities. Awards are good: they are testimony by third-parties looking independently at objective data. But we are not in this for awards by external endorsement. We seek the trust and recognition of the most important individuals we serve: our customers and our patients. This is an entirely subjective assessment and it is very rigorous in its application. For without the trust of the patient, how do we say with pride that we are achieving our goal?

To do so, we must consider the customer – our patient, the patient’s family, their friends, relatives, and associates who care for them – the most important people we value. We can never relent in trying to do better and never do less than our best. It is a mindset. If we think quality at all times, quality will follow.

To paraphrase the adage: thoughts become words, and words become actions; actions become habits, and habits character; character becomes our destiny. In other words, we become what we think.

So I congratulate all those who worked so hard to achieve these recognitions. I congratulate our employees on making a difference in people’s lives. I challenge everyone in SEHA to think quality every day and to do even better.

We need quality outcomes and superior customer service at every patient encounter. If we think we can achieve our vision, we will – but only if we back up our thoughts with words, our words with deeds, and make quality second nature.

I thank my colleagues on the board for their continued support and guidance. I salute the Government of Abu Dhabi on its vision for its people, and I thank our enlightened and visionary leaders for their faith and support of our goals.

Saif Bader Haji Al Qubaisi