Management Service Agreements - Partner Performance

SEHA has management service agreements (MSAs) in place with Johns Hopkins Medicine International at Al Rahba, Corniche, and Tawam Hospitals, Cleveland Clinic at Sheikh Khalifa Medical City, and VAMED and Medical University of Vienna at Al Ain Hospital.

The performance of hospitals operating under management service agreements is assessed quarterly and facilities that have similar contracts can thus be compared across common areas of measurement. The JSR (Joint Services Review) Committee is responsible forthe evaluation of partner-related KPIs tied to performance fees and consists of representatives from the management team of the hospital (employees of the partner) and SEHA’s Corporate Office management team.

JSR meets each partner hospital to set KPIs for the next quarter and review KPIs set in the previous quarter. The percentage of completion of a KPI determines whether the partner has earned a fee for that quarter for that KPI.

These agreements specify 10 key requirements from suppliers:
  • The provision of a high quality of service to patients at the hospital in all aspects, including clinical outcomes, length of stay, and overall patient satisfaction.
  • To improve the morale, efficiency, training, accreditation (where relevant) and post-qualification registration (where relevant) of all personnel engaged at the hospital and ensure that they are provided as high a quality of care as possible.
  • To ensure that realistic budgets are set and achieved; that accurate monthly management accounts are prepared and quarterly accounts are prepared promptly and delivered to the Steering Committee, and/or SEHA; and that proper records are kept of all income and expenditure incurred at the hospital, together with detailed breakdowns of how all costs are incurred to enable transparent accountability for the costs of running the hospital and the ability to demonstrate objectively an improving rate of efficiency and value for money.
  • To comply with the terms of any agreements with Daman and any requirements of Daman, and to effectively manage making claims upon Daman and recovery of payments in respect of services provided to nationals and expatriates covered by Daman.
  • To obtain all necessary licensing, accreditation, certification, and compliance certificates to enable the hospital, its staff, the supplier, and the key personnel to legally carry out their respective activities in Abu Dhabi and to cooperate with all inspections as HA-AD may direct.
  • To raise the reputation of the hospital so that it is valued in the community as a center of good practice and the staff are proud to say they work at the hospital.
  • To provide the required maintenance and improvements so that the hospital is fit for purpose as a quality provider of healthcare services.
  • To undertake to attain teaching hospital status for the hospital and international recognition of such status within five years of the date of signing this agreement.
  • To ensure that the hospital is operated in accordance with all applicable laws and international best health standards and the health regulations.
  • To undertake to attain Joint Commission International Accreditation for the hospital.