Five Year Strategic Plan

Since inception, SEHA has worked to an evolving series of strategic objectives that are fundamental to achieving the company’s long-term objective of establishing world-class standards of healthcare in every aspect of its operations.

SEHA is therefore pleased to report that the majority of its targeted initiatives for 2011, the first year in the new strategic plan, were met as planned with only a few exceptions due to minor changes in strategic direction.

For the 2011 plan, 10 of the original KPIs for the year were redefined or eliminated. Primarily, this flowed from SEHA’s ongoing commitment to improving strategic focus and ensuring accurate alignment with Abu Dhabi Executive Council’s Strategic Plan, itself a dynamic instrument that adjusts to changing priorities.

Business circumstances were also a factor, causing some KPIs to be adjusted or redefined due to financial issues. The change in KPIs also impacted on some 2011 initiatives – 19 of the original 50 being adjusted or removed because they no longer corresponded with SEHA’s overall strategies or those of the Executive Council.

The quest for world-class healthcare for our customers and communities is dynamic. Targets are set and reviewed quarterly and some adjustments are inevitable. Business planning demands not only a review of current strategies, KPIs, and initiatives: it also requires constant re-examination and re-evaluation of our strategic alignment with the Executive Council and Health Authority-Abu Dhabi.

This re-examination has resulted in a new, updated and revised 2012-2016 plan that was still being finalized as this report went to press.

This updated plan continues to be based on our original four perspectives and eight priority areas, but includes seven new KPIs and three new initiatives. Individual Business Entities are adjusting their KPIs and initiatives for their respective organizations as the changes cascade through SEHA. The new specific targets will be published in the first quarter of 2012 and reported in the HA-AD Report H1, 2012.

These objectives now extend to very specific areas of activity for each Business Entity and every division of SEHA Corporate, monitored against detailed key performance indicators.

Such metrics give management an intimately detailed picture of day-to-day performance and progress towards the ultimate goal, enabling corrective measures to be taken if necessary. In the broader context, SEHA conducts periodic reviews of accomplishments by Business Entities and Corporate Division, giving a more panoramic perspective of landmark achievements on the path to becoming a model of healthcare provision to the highest international standards.

Perspective 1

Priority Area 1:
Manage financial performance to achieve efficiency and competitiveness
Perspective 2
Customers and Community Stakeholders

Priority Area 2:
Manage patients’ and stakeholders’ expectations effectively
Perspective 3
Service, Quality, and Operational Efficiency

Priority Area 3:
Provide integrated high-quality and patient-centered services

Priority Area 4:
Deliver superior operational execution
Perspective 4
Learning, Growth, and Infrastructure

Priority Area 5:
Establish SEHA among the UAE employers of choice

Priority Area 6:
Develop national leadership and support Emiratization

Priority Area 7:
Develop infrastructure to achieve world-class standards

Priority Area 8:
Promote research and education