Annual Report 2012


Achievements in 2012

  • Chief of Obstetric Medicine Dr Bashir Salih received the prestigious honorary fellowship by RCOG of UK in recognition of his contribution to science and practice of obstetrics and gynecology.
  • Corniche nurses were recognized by the Emirates Nursing Association during the International Nurses Day event. Jane Abdulali was awarded the Star Coordinator award and Susan Thomas was recognized as Emirates Nursing Association’s Star Nurse for 2012.
  • Achieved HIMSS Level 6 designation from the Health Information and Management System Society, USA. Corniche is now the first in the UAE and among an elite group of about 350 hospitals worldwide that qualify.
  • Won ‘Best SEHA Hospital 2012’ at the SEHA Circle of Excellence Awards.
  • Dr Aqeela Mustafa completed the ATSM in Fetal Medicine to become the first graduate in this discipline from Corniche Teaching Hospital.
  • The ATSM graduation ceremony honored Dr Rasha Obaid Al Zaabi who became the first UAE national obstetrician to graduate.
  • A laboratory consolidation model, developed with SKMC, offers efficiency in staffing and productivity, collaboration on clinical oversight of services, and leads the way for a SEHA-wide initiative for a reference laboratory.
  • HA-AD approved licensing for Assisted Reproductive Services (lVF).
  • IT completed the integration of Astraia and Cerner, where images can now be stored and retrieved by any physician at any other BE to ensure continued patient care.
  • Organized and hosted the Obstetric Medicine Conference, attended by more than 130 participants and accredited by HA-AD for level 1 CME.
  • Deputy CEO Dr Mariam Al Mazrouei, won the Abu Dhabi Medical Distinction Award 2012 for the Health Administration & Management category, while Pharmacy Manager Dr Adeline Saliba won the Abu Dhabi Medical Distinction Award 2012 for the Allied Health category.

SEHA took over Corniche Hospital in 2008, installing a new management team. Since then, all operational systems have been updated or replaced. The transition, as with all organizational change, was not without its attendant challenges, but the end result has more than justified the process. Corniche is now a model of modern healthcare management, building on 25 years of proven excellence.

Located in downtown Abu Dhabi, Corniche is the UAE’s leading referral hospital for obstetric and neo-natal care. With specialty clinics dealing with fetal medicine, obstetric medicine, reproductive medicine, lactation consultation, VIP clinics, and parent education the hospital can handle up to 235 inpatients and has facilities for 64 intensive care cases.

Corniche is managed by Johns Hopkins Medicine International. It has a professional staff of about 1,000 who manage an average of 1,000 admissions every month, as well as roughly 2,000 emergency cases, 85 NICU admissions and as many as 11,500 outpatient visits. Six wards, six VIP rooms, and three royal suites are complemented by three surgical theaters, 14 delivery rooms, an urgent care department, and an outpatients unit.