Important Things To Remember

-You must take necessary precautions so that unauthorized individuals (i.e. spouse, children, friends, colleagues, and others) cannot view confidential information that appears on the screen when using the system.

- Do not share or expose your IDs or passwords with anyone at anytime.

- Make sure that your home PC/Laptop is locked when you are away or when you are not using it.

- Do not leave patient information or other sensitive data on your PC/Laptop unattended.


Placing Orders

You will not be able to place Radiology Orders from non-SKMC computers/laptops. This functionality will be enabled in the future.

New Remote iCare Users

Remote iCare users will need to install Citrix on their machines for the first time. This can be done by simply clicking on Citrix Download on the main page after  login.









For Technical Support contact ITService Desk +971 2 819 2424