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  • Nutrition Week Campaign

    ​March 2015 - This campaign aims to increase awareness of health and nutrition education among the people of the region and to correct common misconceptions and false ideas about food and nutrition and their relationship to[..]
  • Ramadan Awareness Campaign

    ​Ramadan  2015 - Campaign «Medication in Ramadan», which aims to increase the level of health awareness among various segments of society, about how safe and effective use of medicines during the holy month of Ramadan, especially in patients with chronic diseases, such as diabetes, blood [..]
  • Diabetes Awareness Campaign

    ​November 2015 - The program aims primarily to raise awareness of health for people with diabetes about how best to control the level of sugar in the blood in order to avoid complications and known scientifically validated for diabetes. In addition to educating the rest of the segments of the [..]
  • Breastfeeding Campaign

    ​November 2015 - This campaign aims to encourage, support and motivate mothers to breastfeed belief in the importance of this natural food, which constitutes the first step towards a sound and healthy body with a strong[..]
  • Chronic Disease Awareness Campaign

    ​The whole year  - This campaign aims to raise knowledge of proportion and changing attitudes toward chronic diseases in the community, including the unhealthy practices, and promoting the adoption of healthy behaviors among community groups, also aims to identify health problems in the face [..]


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