The single bedded  Dialysis  Unit  at  Al- Ain  Hospital has been commissioned for the last 1 yr only and currently  provide exclusive  acute hemodialysis treatment  for  in-patients  at this stage. The Service currently  is supported by 2  Nephrology  personal including a Consultant  and a  Specialist along with  the Dialysis  Nursing staff provided by the SEHA Dialysis Services  from  Tawam Hospital site.


 Given the current manpower and Infrastructural facility  Dialysis  Unit  operates  only during the  working  week days  from 8AM – 5/6 PM.   All types of AKI and CKD emergency starters relating to National and Non- nationals are catered for in our Hospital. The dialysis unit work very closely with the ICU, CCU & LTVU to bring about rapid turnover of in- patients so that they don't block precious ICU beds in our hospital. As currently we have no out of Hrs/ weekend dialysis Nursing input at Al-Ain site emergency acute dialysis service is provided by the ICU team in the form of CRRT.


Despite our limitations in  this 400 bedded  Teaching  Hospital ;  Nephrology  Team have been efficiently providing   Day time Dialysis cover; in-patient cover,  Multispecialty Consultations  with  in-pt follow ups  along with  VIP & OP  Renal cover as well. Over the last 6 months  giving priority for  National population  we have been steadily growing in our  Dialysis capacity utilization averaging 50 dialysis sessions / Month.


 Renal Team have worked very hard for the last 6 months to improve and provide best possible renal & dialysis services at Al – Ain site.  Both the Multispecilaity teams and the Hospital management do appreciate our contribution and are very supportive of our future initiatives as well.  In addition both National & Non –Nationals patients have given us positive feedback comments on our services.  At  this stage as we don't have a  Chronic  Dialysis programme  at  Al- Ain site and we do transfer chronic cases to the  main SEHA  Dialysis  Centre located at  Tawam site.


Last week we have embarked on the clinical initiative to use Renal Guard Therapy in our Hospital to reduce the incidence of AKI and Dialysis dependency for high risk patients who undergo Contrast studies in our very Dynamic Cardiology and Radiology Unit.  Based on further support and demand we plan to offer Plasma Exchange treatment as well for suitable inpatients as well.


 As our Hospital grows into the future, the Renal Services plans to keep pace with the increasing local demand. And in future with the appropriate infrastructural support we will be able provide both Hospital based  Chronic  Dialysis care and Home Care Heamo dialysis  as well  to promote better patient independence  and Quality of Life.  Based on appropriate Surgical and Vascular input there is scope to develop a PD programme and a robust Vascular Surveillance program me as well at Al- Ain site.