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Absher Initiative  

Customer Relation Management has managed to achieve huge milestone in presenting excellent customer experience through its contribution in establishing high customer care standards and performance improvement, by conducting the following:


Absher Card

Absher Card is a dedicated card for special needs patients which prioritize them to accessing services among "SEHA" BE's they have also been designated with special services such as private line connected to central stores to assist with treatment delivery in accordance to the medical prescription.


Absher Program 

Which is considered as a leading and ameliorative initiative launched by Abu Dhabi Health Services – SEHA in the early 2015 across all "SEHA" BE's, under the supervision of Customer Relation Management – Corporate Office. This initiative aims to create employment opportunities for locals as well as training and developing local competencies to improve communication levels with customers and to increase satisfaction of provided services.

The Initiative is composed of group of employees known as "ABSHER Staff", who have their own uniform in order to be distinguished by customers, they carry out outstanding services of welcoming customers, patient data registration and responding to phone calls, to maximise patients and customer satisfaction levels from the moment of admission into the hospital or Healthcare centre until discharge.

Absher Program received positive feedback for its contribution of transferring Customer Relation Management culture to reality, as well as improving quality of services leading to patient's total comfort.