​Medical Internship:


The Medical Internship Program is facilitate to provide a well-balanced program of graduate medical education in multiple clinical disciplines designed to facilitate the choice of and or preparation for a specific specialty.  It is designed to fulfil the educational needs of medical school graduates, The Trainee shall abide by the training according to the programs customized for him/her during the training period.


Upon completion of the internship year, trainee will be provided with below skills:

  1. Improve and apply personal skills in taking history, physical exam, interpreting clinical data and accurately writing medical records
  2. Develop competence at reaching a diagnosis and provision of appropriate therapy
  3. Refine and learn new skills needed to perform many medical procedures
  4. Communicate effectively with patients, their relatives, your peers and other healthcare professionals.



1 year, 8 hours per clinical day, 5 days a week.



AED 31,500 including Tax