Conference Agenda:




FRIDAY - March 16, 2018

0730-0800                    Registration

0800-0830                    Opening Ceremony


Session 1

Vascular Trauma – Part 1

Chairperson:  Dr. Mohamed Baguneid

0830-0900                   Spectrum of vascular disease – Saving legs Saving lives

                                    By:  Dr Mohamed Baguneid, Al Ain Hospital, Al Ain

0900-0930                   Major trauma – ATLS principles "focussed on C"

                                    By:  Dr Mohamed Baguneid, Al Ain Hospital, Al Ain

0930-1000                   Iatrogenic Vascular Trauma

                                    By:  Dr Ali Jawas, Faculty of Medicine, UAEU

1000-1030                   Imaging for vascular trauma

                                    By:  Dr. Jamal Al Koteesh, Al Ain Hospital, Al Ain

1030-1100                   Coffee Break



Session 2

Vascular Trauma – Part 2

Chairperson:  Dr Raashid Shahbazi

1100-1120                   Complex vascular/ orthopaedic and plastic lower limb injuries

                                    Dr. Raashid Shahbazi, Tawam Hospital, Al Ain

1120-1140                   Compartment syndrome

                                    By:  Dr Moatasiem Bukhari, Mafraq Hospital, Abu Dhabi

1140-1200                   Use of shunts and endovascular adjuncts in vascular trauma

                                    By:  Dr. Khalid Bakarman, Prince Sultan Medical City, Riyadh, KSA

1200-1220                   Blunt traumatic aortic injury – treated through the leg

                                     By:  Dr Francesco Serino – Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi

1220-1330                   Lunch Break / Prayer



Session 3

Critical Limb Ischaemia (CLI) – Part 1

Chairperson:  Dr Yasir Suliman

1330-1400                   Presentation of CLI and management of atherosclerosis

                                    By: Dr David Murray, Manchester University Foundation Trust, UK

1400-1430                   Vascular ultrasound for peripheral vascular disease

                                    By:  Nicola Sedgwick, Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi, Abu Dhabi

1430-1500                   Revascularisation: lower limb bypass

                                    By:  Dr Yasir Suliman, Mafraq Hospital, Abu Dhabi

1500-1530                   Coffee Break



Session 4

Critical Limb Ischaemia (CLI) – Part 2

Chairperson:  Moatassim Bukhari

1530-1600                   Revascularisation: lower limb endovascular procedures

                                    By:  Dr Mohamed Zaki, Al Ain Hospital, Al Ain

1600-1630                   Non-operative management of CLI                               

                                    By: Dr Simon Fraser, Al Ain Hospital, Al Ain

1630-1700                   Major amputation

                                    By:  Dr Chowdary Potula, Tawam Hospital, Al Ain

1700-1730                  Summary & Closing statements


End of Day 1



SATURDAY - March 17, 2018
0730-0800                    Registration 

Session 5
Life threatening vascular emergencies – Aortic and mesenteric disease
Chairperson:  Dr Simon Fraser 
0800-0830                   Spectrum of abdominal vascular emergencies 
                                    By:  Dr Mohamed Baguneid, Al Ain Hospital, Al Ain
0830-0900                   Aortic dissections
                              By: Dr Simon Fraser, Al Ain Hospital, Abu Dhabi
0900-0930                   Abdominal aortic aneurysm
                                    By:  Dr Riza Ibrahim, Mediclinic, City Hospital, Dubai
0930-1000                   Mesenteric ischaemia
                                    By:  Dr Timothy Lees, Kings College Hospital London, Abu Dhabi
1000-1030                   Coffee Break

Session 6
Life threatening vascular emergencies – Carotid disease
Chairperson:  Dr Mike Park
1030-1100                   Carotid plaque instability and risk of stroke
                                    By: Dr David Murray, Manchester University Foundation Trust, UK
1100-1130                   Carotid ultrasound imaging
                                    By:  Renata Rossum, Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi
1130-1200                   Carotid endarterectomy or stents
                                    By:  Dr Mike Park, Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi

1200-1300                   Lunch Break / Prayer



Session 7

Diabetic foot ulcer and sepsis

Chairperson:    Dr. Amin El Tahir

1300-1320                  The scale of diabetic foot disease in UAE

                                    By:  Dr Amin El Tahir, SKMC, Abu Dhabi

1320-1340                   Prevention: The role of podiatry

                                    By:  Ruth Choudhry, Mafraq Hospital, Abu Dhabi

1340-1400                   Diabetic foot sepsis

                                    By:  Dr Taohid Oshodi, Mediclinic, Dubai

1400-1430                   Emerging threats from resistant bacteria

                                    By:  Dr. Stephanie Thomas, Manchester, UK                      

1430-1500                   Do we have a consensus

                                    By:  Panel discussions

1500-1530                   Coffee Break



Session 8

Wound and Scar Management

Chairperson:    Dr. Mohamed Baguneid

1530-1550                   Wound management & Dressings

                                    By:  Sabah Abu Shawish, Tawam Hospital, Al Ain

1550-1610                   Plastic surgery for foot and leg ulcer management

                                    By:  Dr Mauro D'Arcangelo, Al Ain Hospital, Al Ain

1610-1630                   New wound and scar management options

                                    By:  Dr Ardeshir Bayat, University of Manchester, UK

1630-1700                   Closing Statements



End of Conference