Vascular emergencies are life and limb threatening presentations. Delays in making the right diagnosis costs lives and those who survive but fail to receive the correct management are at risk of having a major lower limb amputation. Vascular emergencies present in many ways with some presentations like gangrene and bleeding from trauma being very obvious but other presentations like carotid disease and aortic aneurysms needing more awareness. 

This 2 day symposium will involve a multidisciplinary team of doctors who manage complex vascular emergencies and will highlight the pitfalls in the assessment, diagnosis and management of complex vascular presentations related to:

  • Vascular trauma

  • Critical Limb Ischaemia

  • Complicated skin and soft tissue infections

  • Diabetic foot sepsis

  • Aortic, Carotid and mesenteric artery disease

CME: 12 hours



Surgical Institute Co-ordinator with Department of Academic Affairs, Marketing Department, Supply Chain Management, IT Department and Senior Management of Al Ain  Hospital 








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