​​New Hospital​​

Al Ain Hospital is laying the foundations for the future with the design of a ground-breaking new hospital building.

The unique design combines the very latest medical technology with the community feel of an oasis village. Aesthetically pleasing and exceptionally functional it features vast, lush gardens in a temperature-controlled environment to create an oasis of healing. Included in the overall master plan are several other support units that will be connected with each other and with the main hospital complex via an underground supply tunnel system, thereby reducing maintenance traffic in patient care areas.

Before even opening, the new hospital has already won recognition and acclaim. Al Ain Hospital was  presented with a Highly Commended Award at the Hospital Build Exhibition 2010 in Dubai. The new design was recognized for creating an inspirational sense of place and a therapeutic environment, demonstrating innovation in the model of care and providing an effective staff working environment, adaptability to meet changing service needs and for reflecting the vision and mission of Al Ain Hospital.​