• General

      If you have any concerns or suggestions,

       Please contact our Patient Experience Office.

      Tel:  03 702 2131 – 03 702 2994

      From 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM

      Tel:  03 702 2200

      From 8:00 AM – 12:00 MN

      New Tower Building , Ground Floor,

      Patient Experience Department - Al Ain Hospital

      Interpretation service is available when needed while dealings with the hospital staff.

      Sign Language service is available when needed.

      In order to provide supreme health care services for people with special needs, ABSHER card is being issued.  ABSHER card facilitate a lot of services that we provide to be easier and faster to our special needs patients such as:

      • Recognize patients with a special need.
      • Priority access to medical clinics and being seen by the physician as soon as possible.
      • Reduce the waiting time to see doctors.
      • Priority appointment scheduling through the hotline established especially for special need patients.

      Receive medications priority from the pharmacy.

      Patient Relations - Admin Officer will do the following:

      • The patient relations officer as a link between the medical staff and patient and their family.
      • To assist people by carrying out services that benefit to patient.
      • Patient relations officer all about helping patients to help themselves   and   help patients get treatment very easier also help patients and their family to understand, accept and follow medical recommendations.
      • Coordinate and assist the nursing supervisor, nursing in charge and physicians to minimize patients complaints, problem.
      • Ensure proper communications skills between patients and medical staff.
      • Attend to patient's issues and set a time frame for resolving them.

      Help patient and their family to understand, accept and follow medical recommendations.

      The Social Service will assist you with:

      • To study the cases and appropriate involvement and participation in the development of the treatment plan with the medical team (long-stay patients).
      • Mentoring and guidance of all patients, especially those with poor income and disabled, coordinate and communicate with the charitable organizations related to assistance to patients and their families to provide the necessary services to them depending on their needs and that cannot be secured within the hospital
      • Comply to the rules and regulations with those cases and special circumstances.
      • Contribute to the academic programs and training of volunteers and trainings.
      • Meetings for coordination to be held between patients and their families and medical staff when needed.
      • Provide psychological support for some cases and communicate with community policing and social support center.

      To take an appointment in the following clinic, please call


      Medical Clinic

      03-702 3343

      03-702 3730

      Surgical Clinic

      03-702 2612

      03-702 2685


      During Office Hours

      (Sunday – Thursday) (08:00 – 16:00)

      Closed - (Friday – Saturday)

      You may ask for the doctor you wish to see when making your appointment.  Based upon availability, appointments are given at the earliest convenience.

      ​Walk-in patients will be given an appointment time as they present to the hospital but they may be required to wait a while.
      We will try to accommodate all patients on the day but we encourage you to book an appointment to minimize the waiting time.

      ​If you are unable to keep an appointment, kindly provide us with at least 24 hours’ notice.  This is courtesy on your part and will make it possible for us to give your appointment to another patient.  If you arrive more than 15 minutes late, we may reschedule your appointment with another available doctor and you may have to wait a while.

      ​Before being seen for any services you must report to the reception from desk at least 20-30 minutes before your consultation tome or time advised.  This is to allow for registration as well as get the result of test if needed.

      ​Needed Documents
      First time visit
      Insurance Card
      Emirates ID Card or Passport (original + copy)
      Follow up
      Insurance Card
      Emirates ID Card

      ​In case the first time treatment and to open a new file in Women Health Institute please bring the marriage certificate for the pregnant lady.

      ​1. For Daman basic holder, please ensure the card validity as some cases are covered after 6 months of it’s effective date, such as delivery cases.
      2. Allowing Other Patients to use your insurance card will lead to legal accountability.
      3. A guardian should accompany the patient with a proof such as (Emirates ID Card or Driving License…), if the patient is less than legal age (18 years).
      4. The bill for self-paid category will be issued after the whole patient journey