Admission process for elective (planned) procedures / surgery


On the day before your appointment at the Anesthetic Clinic, you will receive an SMS reminder from the Outpatient Department.


Upon arrival at the hospital, please report to the Anesthetic Clinic.


All elective admissions in Corniche Hospital are handled by the Anesthetic Clinic/Outpatient Department nursing staff as per the physician's instructions (anesthetic doctor).


Upon admission, you will be asked to sign the 'Consent for Admission/Consent to Treat' form.


For further information about the admission process, please contact the Information Desk at +971 02 696 5256 during regular working hours: Sunday to Thursday from 08:00 to 17:00.


All prescribed medications will be provided for you while you are an inpatient.


If you have a planned operation, please do not apply Henna to your hands/fingers or your feet/toes.