Orchid Suites


Orchid suites are provided after delivery to UAE nationals and wives of designated VIPs (Government officials).


VIP rooms are provided, where available, to patients with a requisition form in their chart. This form should be filled out and signed by the patient or by her husband between 32 and 36 weeks of pregnancy.


On a daily basis the Royal and VIP Service Office receives a list of those requesting VIP rooms from the Main Delivery Unit (MDU) and Operating Room (OR). These names are numbered by the time of delivery; the first available room will be provided to the patient who delivered first, and so on.


Please contact the Royal and VIP Service Office (+971 2 696 5390 or 696 5391) after your delivery, if you wish to know your number on the list or for any queries about VIP room allocation.


If you have been discharged from a VIP room but your stay in the hospital is required due to your baby's ongoing care, you will no longer be eligible to stay in the VIP ward. Therefore, you will be transferred to any available bed/room in the regular wards.