​How to Consult a Doctor


Prior to consulting the doctor or midwife in the Specialty Clinic, a Booking Clinic in Corniche Hospital and Women's Health Center will allow a full assessment of your pregnancy to determine which specialty clinic best suits you.


Additionally, we will organize a routine pregnancy ultrasound appointment to be combined with your Booking Clinic, to be performed 30 minutes before that appointment, thus saving you an extra visit.



•    You are advised to arrive at the hospital at least 30 minutes before the given appointment time. If you are more than 30 minutes late for your appointment, you may not be seen and this will result in a rescheduled appointment for another day. Your adherence to this policy is strongly recommended to reduce waiting times and avoid causing inconvenience to other patients.

•    Once you arrive at the hospital, proceed to the Information Desk to determine your appointment type and obtain a ticket for registration.

•    If you require a scan, you are directed to the MID.

•    If you are pregnant, you are requested to provide a urine sample.

•    Your vital signs such as blood pressure, pulse rate, weight, and temperature, are checked and recorded by the nurses.

•    Nurses will initiate the educational sessions (such as breastfeeding).

•    You are directed to the waiting area opposite the Outpatient Service snack counter.



•    Patients are invited into the consultation room to see the doctor or midwife.

•    Results of investigations such as scans, X-rays, blood tests are examined by the respective medical specialists/consultants/midwives.

•    Once your consultation is completed, your doctor fills out the next appointment diary.

•    If you require follow-up tests, urgent scan, or CTG, your nurse will direct you to your next procedure and you will return to the doctor for your plan of care.

•    After consultation, patients who need medications are directed to the pharmacy located at the waiting area, where our pharmacists will also advise you about the medication.

•    You will proceed to the checkout desk if you are a self-pay patient to complete financial procedures.

•    You will conclude the consultation procedure by taking your next appointment date at the checkout counter before going home.