​How to Open a File


New files can be opened at Corniche Hospital reception or at the Women's Health Center.


To open a new file, you can call SEHA's Call Center on +971 2 819 7110 between 07:30 and 17:00 to arrange an appointment. Or you can send an email request to appointments@cornichehospital.ae.


What do you need to open a file?


UAE nationals, GCC nationals, patients with a UAE citizenship approval letter, or

awaiting a UAE passport, and diplomats (generally ambassador level):

•    Original and copy of your passport

•    Original and copy of UAE Identity Card and family Identity Book

•    Your original marriage certificate and photocopy

•    Your husband's original passport and photocopy



•    Original and copy of your valid passport and valid residency page

•    Original and copy of your Emirates Resident Identity Card

•    Original and copy of your husband's passport and valid residency (if he is resident in the UAE)

•    Original and copy of your marriage certificate (attested if issued from other country)