​New Booking Appointment


Congratulations on your pregnancy!

Now that you are pregnant, let us guide you through the booking process at Corniche Hospital:


•    The best time to attend this appointment is 10 weeks (2.5 months of pregnancy); however, we do accept women at any stage (gestation) of pregnancy.

•    All new patients to SEHA facilities need to open a file prior to their new booking appointment. Details of how and when to do this will be given at the time of enquiry, or call SEHA's Call Center on 80050

 •   The majority of new booking appointments are allocated at the Women's Health Center. If your appointment is scheduled at Corniche Hospital, you will be advised of this when you make your appointment.


Note: the expected duration of your new booking appointment is approximately 2.5 hours.

•    In the majority of cases, the appointment will start with an ultrasound scan.

•    If you are in early pregnancy, around 3 months (12 weeks), we advise you to attend with a full bladder.


Please expect 3 ultrasound scans during pregnancy if everything is progressing normally.


The 1st trimester scan around 9-12 weeks

This is to date your pregnancy, make sure everything looks as expected, as well as confirm it is a single pregnancy. If you would like a screening for Down's Syndrome, you can discuss this at the consultation following your scan.


Anomaly scan at around 20 weeks

This is very important to assess baby's bone measurements, spine, and internal organs, plus a thorough check of baby's heart, brain, and facial features. At this point we can normally tell you whether it's a boy or a girl, but this will depend on the position of the baby on the day. We do not tell you unless you ask.


A scan around 34 weeks (3rd trimester)

This is to make sure baby is growing as expected.


•    After the ultrasound scan (USS), you will be directed to our Urine Testing room. We will collect a sample of urine from you at every visit as this can reveal various problems occurring in pregnancy. Please make sure you have something to eat and drink before providing a sample of urine, or advise the nurse you are fasting as this will affect your result.


•    Following urine testing you will be called by a nurse for assessment. The nurse will check your blood pressure and weight, and ask a series of questions regarding your lifestyle and to assess any educational requirements. You will be offered leaflets appropriate to your stage of pregnancy, and given information regarding our exercise and parent education classes, which we actively encourage you to attend.


•    Next stop is our Breastfeeding Education room. All women are offered the latest advice on feeding, whether this is your first or one of many pregnancies. Evidence-based research guides us on best practice for the development of newborns, so make sure you stop off here for the very latest information.


•    Now you are ready to meet your clinician, who could be a midwife or a doctor. The clinician will review documentation taken by the nurse and will complete further information, starting with your LMP (first day of your last menstrual period).


     If you have been seen by another healthcare provider, it is advisable to bring any scan reports, pictures, or blood results with you to the new booking visit. We will need to record information relating to all your previous pregnancies, including miscarriages and any complications during pregnancy. We will also ask about your previous medical and family history.


•    From this information, your clinician will decide on the most appropriate clinic to continue your pregnancy care. If everything is normal, your follow-up appointments will continue in the Women's Health Center. Here you can maintain continuity of care by requesting to see the same midwife from our team at each visit.


•    If any risk factors are identified, your next appointment will be scheduled at the Corniche Hospital, where a team of specialist clinics and doctors are available to care for your pregnancy.


•    Finally, a visit to the phlebotomist, who will take a range of routine blood tests discussed during your consultation. Results of these tests will be given at your follow-up visit. However, if a problem is identified, you will receive a phone call from Corniche Hospital inviting you for a discussion of your result, which may require a prescription.


•    As you prepare to leave clinic, a follow-up appointment will be given to you by our Patient Access Representatives located in the front reception.


We look forward to welcoming you to care at Corniche Hospital!