Outpatient Services


Patient care is at the heart of everything we do at Corniche Hospital. Our new outpatient experience offers comprehensive, highly specialized gynecology and obstetrics treatment for women within a range of clinics, all of which are either consultant- or midwife-led.


Outpatient Clinics



•    Low-risk natural pregnancy

•    General obstetrics

•    Advanced fetal medicine

•    Hypertension in pregnancy

•    Medical disorders in pregnancy

•    Prematurity prevention

•    Multiple pregnancy

•    Diabetes in pregnancy

•    Fetal growth restriction

•    Anesthetic problems in pregnancy         

•    Vaginal birth after cesarean section   

•    Early pregnancy unit



•    General gynecology

•    Fertility and reproductive medicine

•    Urogynecology

•    Colposcopy

•    Urodynamics assessment

•    Pre-op assessment