Women's Health Center


Corniche Hospital's Women's Health Center is located in Karamah, Abu Dhabi.

The center offers:

•    High-quality care supported by evidence-based practice model

•    Care coordinated according to every woman's individual clinical needs

•    Health professionals working together in a collaborative and multidisciplinary approach

•    Continuity of care

•    Culturally appropriate care

•    Appropriate use of technology

•    Firm commitment to quality improvement

•    Integration with Corniche Hospital's existing services


Obstetric care

•    Certified and qualified midwives

•    Prenatal care

•    Preparation for childbirth

•    Maternal post-natal care (after birth checkup)

•    Lactation advice and breastfeeding support

•    Prenatal ultrasounds

•    Neonatal Bloodspot Screening Clinic


Contact details

Telephone:     +971 2 697 5888

Fax:               +971 2 643 1502

Email:            whc@cornichehospital.ae


Office hours

The Center is open Sunday to Thursday, 08:00 to 16.30. Clinics are closed on Fridays and most public holidays.


Please click here for further information on the Corniche Women's Health Center.