Introducing Corniche Hospital

Corniche Hospital, the premier Women's and Newborn Hospital in Abu Dhabi has delivered over 250,000 babies. Designated as Mother Baby Friendly, Corniche provides full spectrum care ranging from family-centered, consultant-led low risk obstetrics to complex services for mothers and newborns requiring obstetric and fetal medicine, as well as level 4 neonatal intensive care.  

Corniche Hospital is the trusted healthcare provider for all women and newborns.


Introduction Corniche Hospital Obstetrics

Corniche Hospital has been trusted to deliver over 250,000 babies.  We are trusted because of the expertise and experience we offer, as well as multi-disciplinary family centered care as a designated Mother Baby Friendly Hospital.

The normal pregnancy experience is led by our team of highly trained consultant obstetricians, in partnership with our experienced midwives, anesthesiologists, lactation consultants, nurses, allied health and educators.  Whether the mother needs educational or breastfeeding support or pain management, we have the expert team available.

In addition to this team for the high risk or complex patients we have Obstetric Medicine, Fetal Medicine, CAP accredited Blood Bank, advanced imaging, specialized anesthesiologists, midwives and nurses, working closely together to assure the safest possible care for mother and baby.

Corniche Hospital is proud to be the trusted provider of Maternity Care in Abu Dhabi and the region.