Baby Friendly Hospital

Corniche Hospital is a Baby Friendly Hospital following the "Ten Steps" initiatives of the WHO and UNICEF to promote and protect breastfeeding. The Hospital received its first accreditation in 2006 and was re-accredited again in 2010, 2014, and 2018.


The WHO and UNICEF introduced the Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative in order to increase and improve breastfeeding rated throughout the world. To support hospitals, the 'TEN STEPS TO BECOMING A BABY FRIENDLY HOSPITAL' was introduced. The aim is to provide the best information and support for breastfeeding. This will increase breastfeeding skills in the mother and make breastfeeding a more positive experience, prevent breastfeeding difficulties and promote long term health for woman and babies.


A Baby Friendly Hospital is assessed to ensure that the best breastfeeding practices and support complies with the TEN STEPS. The assessors question staff and patients to assess their knowledge, compliance with the 10 Steps.