​​Medical Team


Throughout your stay at Corniche Hospital, our expert medical team will provide you with the treatment, education, encouragement and personalized care that you need. Our team includes:


Consultants – who direct the medical team responsible for your recovery. A Consultant is available 24 hours a day at the hospital through a shared system of "on call" responsibility to cover all your needs including care at any stage of pregnancy, gynecology, IVF, anesthesia, medical complications in pregnancy and care of the newborn.


Senior Specialists – who are fully trained, qualified doctors. They are specialized in obstetrics, gynecology, anesthesia or care of the newborn who provide senior on-site medical services working with consultants. The senior specialist will see you as required, make recommendations and provide you with information regarding your condition. S/he may discuss/refer patients to the consultant for review and further advice, if necessary.


Specialists – are trained, qualified physicians experienced in obstetrics, gynecology, anesthesia or care of the newborn who provide on-site medical services.


Medical Practitioners – are trained, qualified medical physicians. They provide daily care under the direction of the specialist medical team.


Nursing Managers – oversee the nursing staff and the day-to-day operations of the unit.


Midwives – who have specialized training to deliver babies and provide antenatal and postnatal care. Midwives promote the normal childbirth process, wellness and education of the patient and practice in collaboration with obstetricians and gynecologists.


Lactation Consultants – offer assistance for patients who require breastfeeding help. They are also involved in providing breastfeeding classes during the weekly mom-to-mom group sessions.


Staff Nurses – who are registered nurses who are highly skilled in the areas of neonatal nursing. The nurses are available to your needs all through the day and night.


Ultra sonographers and Radiographers – highly trained professionals who perform ultrasound examinations and x-rays under the general supervision of the Director of Medical Imaging.


Phlebotomists – who are professionally trained to do patient's blood tests.


Dietitians – help patients achieve a specific health-related goal with a balanced diet and exercise regime that is based on the patient's health history and favorite food.