Frequently Asked Questions 




Where is Corniche Hospital located?

Downtown Abu Dhabi City, United Arab Emirates

Latitude:           24.501

Longitude:        54.369


Postal address: PO Box 3788, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates


What are Corniche Hospital's contact details?

Telephone:        +971 2 672 4900           

Fax:                 +971 2 672 0782



What are Corniche Hospital's opening hours?

Emergency       24-hours (7-days)          

Week days       08:00-16:30


What medical services are provided by Corniche Hospital?

With 247 beds, Corniche is the UAE's largest maternity hospital and a leading referral hospital for obstetric and neonatal care. Located in downtown Abu Dhabi City, the hospital has specialty clinics dealing with lactation, fetal medicine, obstetric medicine, and others. It has facilities for more than 8,000 births and 120,000 outpatient visits every year, and its Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) is the largest in the country – and one of the finest.


Refer to the Patient Services section of this website for further information.


How can I open a file at Corniche Hospital?

To open a file, bring your Thiqa or Daman card along with your UAE Resident Identity Card.


Refer to the How to Open a File section of this website for further information.


What is SEHA?

SEHA is the corporate marketing name of the Abu Dhabi Health Services Company, an independent public joint stock company charged with developing and managing public hospitals and clinics across the emirate. SEHA is the owner and operator of Al Ain Hospital.


Please refer to the SEHA corporate website for further information.


Donating blood


Where and when can I donate blood?

Al Ain Regional Blood Bank – located in the Al Jimi area – is open Sunday to Thursday from 08:00 to 22:00 and from 10:00 to 18:00 on Saturdays. Call the toll-free number 800 8722 to arrange your blood donation, or click here for more information.


Mobile Blood Bank – some Government and private organizations and universities make special arrangements for SEHA's Mobile Blood Bank to visit so that staff and students can make donations. To arrange a visit, please call +971 3 762 3088.


Please click here for further information on blood donation.



Healthcare insurance


Can I use my Thiqa card at Corniche Hospital?

Yes. All SEHA hospitals and clinics use Thiqa to cover medical expenses. Please refer to Thiqa's website for more information:


Can I use my Daman card at Corniche Hospital?

Yes. All SEHA hospitals and clinics use Daman to cover medical expenses. Please refer to Daman's website for more information:


Complaints, inquiries and suggestions


How can I make a complaint or suggestion?

SEHA's Customer Care Department is responsible for receiving, investigating, and acting upon any complaints, inquiries, and suggestions. You are welcome to contact the department at any time if you have a question or concern about the quality of service that you or a family member has received.


Please call the Customer Care Department at +971 2 410 2000 or email Alternatively, please go to the Customer Care section of this website to submit your comments.


Can my complaint be anonymous?

Anonymous complaints cannot be accepted. To investigate and respond to complaints or concerns, we need to know who you are and the circumstances surrounding your issue. This enables us to conduct a thorough investigation and respond to you at the contact number you provide.


Will SEHA respond to my suggestion or complaint?

Yes. A follow-up call will always be made.


How long will it take to investigate my complaint and respond?

•    Normally, an acknowledgment call will be made as soon as the complaint is received.

•    If additional information is needed, a follow-up call will also be made.

•    Normally, 7 working days are needed to investigate and resolve most complaints, before communicating the outcome of our investigation to the complainant.

•    Clinical complaints may be more complex and require additional time to investigate. SEHA's Clinical Affairs Department is responsible for investigating all clinical issues, and conveys the final outcome to the complainant according to SEHA's policies and procedures, and as required by law.


What is the Absher service?

Absher is a pioneering initiative launched by SEHA in 2012. It aims to improve communication with patients and customers through a number of customer service offices strategically located in participating health facilities. The goal is to enhance SEHA's communication with its patients, improve their experience and increase their satisfaction with SEHA's services.


Absher offices are open during all hours of a facility's operation, with 24-hour service in the internal emergency departments. Please click here for further information.