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Al Dhafra Hospitals

Al Dhafra Hospitals is part of the Abu Dhabi Health Services Company "SEHA", the largest healthcare network in the UAE, which is part of the Pure Health Group, the largest integrated healthcare platform in the country.

Our organization serves the diverse medical needs of many thousands of people living and working in Abu Dhabi’s most remote communities – from the far western corner of the UAE to the inland desert border regions and the offshore island

Al Dhafra Hospitals is committed to managing and operating six hospitals: Madinat Zayed Hospital, Ghayathi Hospital, Al Sila Hospital, Delma Hospital, Liwa Hospital and Al Marfa Hospital, and two medical centers: Al Dhafra Family Medicine Center and Bida Al Mutawa Medical Center, in addition to two clinics each, Abu Al Abyad Clinic and Sir Bani Yas Clinic.

These hospitals, centers and clinics provide medical services within more than 40 different specialties for inpatients and outpatients in various fields and specialties, the most important of which are internal medicine, cardiology, endocrinology, diabetes, mental health, nutrition, pediatrics, obstetrics, gynecology, general surgery, anesthesia, pharmacy services, laboratory and diagnostic radiology

Al Dhafra hospitals seek to provide integrated and distinguished health care with the highest international standards of quality and safety to enhance patients' confidence in the services of Al Dhafra hospitals

Hamad Khamis Al Mansouri

Chief Executive Officer

Dear patients, their families, and dear friends,

Welcome to the Al Dhafra Hospitals website.

Our organization caters to the various medical needs of the many thousands of people who live
and work in the western part of Abu Dhabi city, from the westernmost corner of the United Arab
Emirates to the desert frontiers and offshore islands. We take our responsibility very seriously, no
matter how far our patients are, we always strive to provide accessible and appropriate medical
care through our network of hospitals, primary health care clinics and medical centers.

We hope that you will find on this website a valuable resource of useful information when you
need it; Our main task is to provide assistance to you, whatever your medical condition. The site
will help you learn more about Al Dhafra hospitals, how to access our services, and understand
our goals and responsibilities. We always strive to find the best ways to provide health care to our
patients and to be health care partners for life.

Thank you again for visiting us.