Attracting and motivating UAE nationals to work in the healthcare profession is a long-standing SEHA priority, using all available means to attract the largest number of qualified candidates and support them in their healthcare training.


As the main healthcare provider in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, SEHA is geared to extending the best healthcare to the UAE as a whole. Therefore, it has an inherent responsibility to develop the national workforce and equip individuals with qualifications to meet market needs.


The health sector faces great challenges in attracting national professionals due to the lengthy academic years of study and the nature of the work after graduation, in comparison with other specializations. However, SEHA is confident that the national workforce can contribute towards the establishment of an effective corporate environment in the health industry, alongside the existing scientific and practical expertise.


Healthcare is one of the main areas requiring exceptional care, as this sector is essential for both the health and social wellbeing of the community. In response, SEHA offers motivational development for the sector, as well as measuring the Emiratization ratios in its facilities, nurturing the personal and professional skills of Emirati employees, and providing them with every opportunity to build their experience and expertise.