A team care approach

SEHA Dialysis Services' commitment to quality and care begins with our dedicated and multidisciplinary group of professionals. They lead, manage, develop, facilitate, coordinate and deliver care of the highest standards based on our patients' needs.


Our leadership team – whether responsible for operational, strategic or clinical management – works collaboratively to ensure that our values are understood and demonstrated across all areas of the organization. They work in partnership with all members of the SDS team, including specialist consultant physicians and surgeons, dieticians and social workers.


Our people here to support you – not just with your clinical needs, but to inform and educate you, helping to manage your health and wellbeing.


Leadership team

​Chief Executive & Medical Officer Dr. Nick Richards
​Deputy Chief Executive Officer   Dr. Zubaida Alismaili
​Director of Nursing   Sebastien Maggioni
​Director of Finance            Paul Heckels

​Head of Human Resources  

Diane Martin

Director of Operations  ​Dr. Dan Nicula


Clinic managers

​SKMC    Faduma Sharif
​Al Mafraq   ​Dexie Marquez
​Tawam        ​Allam  Rezqallah
​Western Medical Region ​Lani Lorenz